Métropolis concert venue

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be 18 to gain entry into Métropolis?
Minors are admitted to Métropolis, as we have an amphitheatre permit rather than a bar licence. However, you could be asked for an identification card in order to purchase alcoholic beverages. Moreover, any minor discovered consuming alcohol will be evicted from the premises immediately.

Can we smoke in the concert halls?
No. The law prohibits smoking in public spaces. The public is asked to refrain from smoking, except outside during intermission.

Is there access and appropriate services for physically challenged persons?
Yes. All our venues, except the Savoy (Métropolis), are equipped with ramps, toilets and removable seats for handicapped access.

Is there an elevator to access the balcony?
No. If this was to cause a problem, specific measures would be taken to allow you to attend the show all the same.

Are there obstacles blocking the view in the venue?
No. The view is excellent from wherever you choose to stand or sit.

What is the capacity of the venue?
Métropolis has a maximum capacity of 2 300.

Can we see a seating plan?
No. Please note that Métropolis is a general admission venue and follows the policy “first come, first served”.